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Happy staff translates to more profitable organizations by Mohamed Debouk

1. Why is employee engagement essential? Employee engagement is so important because it not only influences the wellbeing of the employee, but also the performance[…]

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Don’t Cut Costs, Build Engagement – Says New Metrics and Qualtrics

New Metrics and Qualtrics hold an executive event on employee experience “Five percent increase in employee engagement translates to a three percent increase in sales[…]

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Innovation in Oman by Peter Bryant

Strong winds of economic change are blowing everywhere, and they rarely stop at borders. Every day we see evidence of this. New digital technologies, volatile[…]

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New Metrics and IE Business School Host Innovation Event

New Metrics, an Oman-based Management Consultancy, together with IE Business School, one of the leading business schools in the world, recently hosted an executive event[…]

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