Are you a project coordinator in Muscat

We Are Hiring

Project Coordinator wanted.  No experience necessary. Omani candidates preferred.

Are you a whiz-kid obsessed with being organized? Do you love to-do lists? Do you get a kick out of making plans (and sticking to them)? Can your friends always count on you?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, we want to hear from you. We are looking for a driven and organized individual to join our team as a Project Coordinator to manage our busy schedule of training and events.

This role is open to a recent graduate or current project coordinator.  Regardless of your previous experience, the most important thing is that you are super organized, agile, bilingual (English/Arabic) and a great team player.

You will oversee and manage the delivery of our workshops and events.  Core responsibilities include:

  • Planning all project steps to assure timely and successful delivery
  • Tracking progress
  • Coordinating with supporting team members including purchasing, finance, legal, project ops, trainers and design team.
  • Coordinating with client representatives including training and HR departments to arrange workshops
  • Attending training and events to support training delivery
  • Coordinating travel logistics for trainers and consultants
  • Collecting client feedback
  • Maintaining client and trainer contacts
  • Maintaining material libraries
  • Preparing and compiling handouts and workshop materials
  • Registering applicants with certification bodies
  • Managing and maintaining Learning Management Systems
  • Improving project related workflows and planning process

As a perk of the role, you can enjoy attending training workshops in various interesting topics including management, soft skills such as EI and time management and business skills such as marketing and HR. This will help you progress in your current role as well as equip you with skills to succeed in the future. 

About Us: We are a team of highly motivated and ambitious individuals from Oman and all over the world.  Together we follow our mission to bring cutting-edge learning solutions to Oman and the Middle East. We pride ourselves in delivering practical and future-oriented workshops and programs that equip the local workforce with business relevant skills. We work in partnership in an agile team structure where everyone takes responsibility for their own tasks to give the highest value to our clients and workshop participants.

 If you are interested in this role, email [email protected] with your CV and a short statement explaining why you are a good fit.

We look forward to hearing from you.