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Early Career Opportunities at New Metrics


Experience the professional world at New Metrics

If you’re eager to gain insight into the working world, New Metrics’ internship program offers undergraduates the opportunity for real-life working experience.

The program also allows our firm to evaluate undergraduates and highly motivated candidates who may be qualified to join the team in the future.


New Metrics is a specialized experience management consultancy with a presence across the EMEA region. We are dedicated to future-proofing organizations to achieve sustainable growth through human-centric transformations, data analytics, and employee enablement around four strategic verticals.

What will you learn?

You will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with our complete ecosystem and integrated solutions for Experience management, ranging from consulting to execution, all while incorporating technology and people enablement.


We focus on XM Consulting, which includes employee and customer experience, starting from assessment, design, and implementation.


Our learning experiences empower individuals, teams, and organizations to embrace any ‘next-normal.’


We support organizations in designing and implementing Customer and Employee experience analytics programs to drive business outcomes with real-time data.

People and Culture

We develop the mindsets and soft skills that leadership teams need to foster collaboration and increase adaptability.

Intern at New Metrics

Explore our opportunities and apply for the learning experience that best matches your future career goals!