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Why Customer Experience (CX)?

80% of CEO’s believe that their businesses deliver superior customer service. Only 8% of their customers agree.

Expertly managed customer data provides a true insight into the thoughts of those we are serving. We monitor brand interactions in order to spot opportunities for improvement. Learning what your customers truly want and need is the key to a great experience, leading to retention, increased spend and loyalty.

Our Customer experience Solutions

Customer-Centric Culture:

Move away from a process-focused culture to a culture that holds customer experience and satisfaction first.

Customer Experience Strategy:

Develop a holistic and integrated customer experience strategy that governs all customer journeys and aligns to the broader objectives of the organization

Experience design and improvement:

Implement continuous experience improvement by optimising customer-facing and non-customer facing processes to delight customers in all ‘moments of truth.’

Organizational adoption and accountability:

Design a governance model aimed at ensuring customer experience strategy and modus operandi adoption across the organization.

Voice of Customer:

Collect and analyze customer data and feedback to provide your organization with the right insights for impact-based decision making.

Metrics and ROI models:

Translate customer feedback into measurable metrics to track the performance of customer experience and the ROI of initiatives.

Our CX Roadmap

Take your team on a journey to develop a customer-centric mindset, essential for success in any business.

Assess your current customer experience

  • Cultural readiness
  • Current strategy
  • CX initiatives
  • Organisation Structure
  • CX maturity
  • Capabilities and resources

Define your objectives – the “To be” state

  • Aspiration goals and objectives
  • Vision and mission for CX

Map the journey to success

  • Identify gaps between “as is” and “to be” states
  • Develop road map for success
  • Prioritise objectives

Design innovative solutions to delight customers

  • Design CX solutions
  • Customer personas
  • Journey mapping
  • VoC programmes and metric systems
  • Process change
  • Digital transformation

Engage your internal customers – the employees

  • CX training
  • Employee engagement
  • Cultural change
  • Coaching

Implementation and monitoring change

  • Monitor key metrics and KPI’s
  • Continuous improvements



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