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Why Product Experience (PX)?

In today’s rapidly evolving market, you need assurance that you’re creating the very best new digital products and services. We enable a structured approach for customer involvement – all the way from ideation and prototyping – to product launch.

Our vigorous market assessment and concept testing eliminate the guesswork, supporting you right from the start as you determine market opportunities. We’ll also enhance and evolve your existing offerings in sync with market needs and consumer expectations, ensuring that the whole process is perfectly timed.

Our product Experience Solutions

Design Sprints

We integrate with your team and conduct a Design Sprint to make sure you progress from ideation to prototype stage in record time.

We can help further in iterative sprints, designed to spark product innovation across the organisation.

Concept Testing

Identifying product improvements and potential market threats, we ensure that all are addressed before launch.

You will be able to measure the effectiveness of individual concept assets, consumer interactions with the concept and how your product compares to its competition, in addition to an assessment of its perceived market value.

Product Lifecycle Feedback

Creating continuous feedback enhances a product over time, allowing it to have more relevance to the market and ensuring its profitability.

We cover features, function, and messaging to make sure you have a holistic understanding of how your product needs to evolve.

Pricing Research

Achieved through conjoint analysis, in addition to other pricing research methods, we ensure that you reach the correct price points for your products.


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