Boosting EX for an International Aviation Leader

With the New Metrics programme, this aviation company achieved an increase in employee engagement while reducing employee churn rate.

The Business Challenge

Comprising seven aviation entities (National airline carrier, catering services, luggage handling, cargo, air freight, airport management, and hospitality), this Aviation group leader wanted to optimise employee experience for the 13,000 members of its workforce.


New Metrics launched a 3-year optimisation programme designed to enhance employee experience across the entire aviation group. 

The Process

  • Conducted cultural assessment through survey and focus groups 
  • Defined four behavioural traits in line with Groups Vision and Values to be adopted across all employees of the group based on cultural assessment output
  • Created one  Employee Journey Mapping team for each business unit to map the as-is journey and design to-be journey
  • Developed a roadmap to be implemented to converge current experience with to-be employee experience
  • Aligned the HR policies of all business units to maximize employee engagement
  • Acted as PMO to oversee roadmap implementation
  • Conducted quarterly pulse hacks to monitor sentiment across the organisation and measure the impact of implemented initiatives



increase in employee engagement


employee churn rate


real-time dashboards during optimisation period.

At the programme’s conclusion, a 30% increase in employee engagement and a 10% employee churn rate reduction had been achieved. Designed to support long-term sustainable impact, seven real time dashboards were established during the optimisation period.

Programme Impact

  • Unified Culture: Created a unified culture across aviation sector in the different business units within the group
  • Employee Experience Mapping: Mapped the end-to-end employee experience across different business units and employee segments
  • Gap assessment and mitigation: Conducted a gap assessment between different employee experiences 
  • Unified EX and HR Framework: Created a unified employee experience and HR framework on a group level to be implemented across all business units
  • Increased Employee Engagement

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